Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – Restaurant Chains

If you own or manage a chain store restaurant, then you’re in luck. Done Right Hood and Fire Safety is New York City’s leading kitchen exhaust cleaning contractor and we are even better if you have multiple locations. We offer special pricing and services for chain restaurants. Whether you own a fast food restaurant like our clients at Burger King or an upscale chain like our clients at Season’s 52, we know kitchen exhaust systems.

Chain Store Solutions

With your tight schedule, it’s important for a cleaning company to get in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. That’s why Done Right Hood and Fire Safety uses industrial strength hot water power washers and degreasers to clean your system rather than hand washing solutions, which is no solution at all of you have a big kitchen. Hand washing can only get as deep as the human arm can reach and it is unlikely that your system will be cleaned to bare metal.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

  • Hot Water and Steam Cleaning
  • Grease Traps Emptied and Cleaned
  • Grease Recycled
  • Ducts and Vents
  • Rooftop Filters
  • Receptors and Gutters Emptied and Cleaned

When Done Right leaves your restaurant in the morning, your kitchen will be cleaned to bare metal, your floors will be swept, scrubbed and mopped, ready for your kitchen staff when they arrive to work. Deep cleaning is our specialty, but we also empty all grease receptacles, clean rooftop fans, vents and filters. Your entire kitchen will be ready to go. And if you’re concerned about the environment, know that we recycle all kitchen grease.

Full Kitchen Exhaust Service for Chain Restaurants

In addition to cleaning your kitchen hoods, Done Right Hood and Fire Safety works with William Hird Fire Suppression to make sure your FSS is working properly. Between us and our partners, your kitchen will always stay in compliance. We bear a certificate of fitness from the FDNY so if your kitchens ever have any violations, we’re the ones to call to get them removed quickly and legally. We’ll even file the paperwork for you.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Restaurant Chains New York City

The Finishing Touch

One of the things that makes Done Right the best choice for restaurant kitchens is the work we put into protecting your kitchen. Much of our work comes before we even start cleaning. We cover all kitchen material with plastic and make sure all appliances are not affected by the water, cleaners and detergents. Your food is safe, too.

Then, in addition to sweeping, scrubbing and mopping all areas before we leave, we also give you a report of the work that was done, including before and after pictures so you can see the difference. Done Right Hood and Fire Safety is the only company you need to keep your kitchen clean and in compliance. Call us today.