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5 lb ABC Reg $100 Now $75

10 lb ABC Reg $120 Now $90

20 lb ABC Reg $180 Now $135

Class K Reg $350 Now $262.50

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Providing the Right Commercial Fire Extinguishers in the Right Location

As trained fire protection experts, Done Right Professionals will fit your business with the right kind of fire extinguishers whether you need protection for combustible material, electrical equipment, gas or paper. We’ll place them in locations throughout your business where they’re useful and we’ll show your personnel how to use them.

We fit all New York City and Nassau County businesses with fire extinguishers so it doesn’t matter if you have a restaurant kitchen, high-rise office, automotive garage, chemical warehouse, your area will be protected with the right equipment.


Providing Regular Inspections so You Are Always Up to Code

Inspections are necessary according to the FDNY. All our professionals are certified and licensed for inspections, but more importantly, they have the experience to keep your units up to code and working properly when you need them. Schedule regular service with Done Right and we’ll inspect your extinguishers to keep them up-to-date.

Whether you have an ABC extinguisher, a carbon dioxide unit that discharges white foam or a class “K” kitchen extinguisher, we know how to inspect your extinguishers to ensure they work during fire emergencies. Call us today at (212) 660-3232.


Authorized & Licensed Recharging, Maintenance, Reapair & Replacement Experts

Service and inspections go hand in had, but if we discover that any of your extinguishers are not operating properly or do not pass inspection, we’ll take the necessary measures to get them working properly and you up to code.

You can’t afford any downtime. Done Right can refill, recharge, repair and replace any of your fire extinguishers. From Amarex foam extinguishers and wide ranging ABC models to more sophisticated Halon 1211 and wet chemical stored pressure units, Done Right Professionals will make sure your extinguishers are serviced and working like they’re supposed to.


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The Right Solution for Your Business

Use the wrong fire extinguisher in an office or warehouse fire and you can create more damage than you save. Even worse, the wrong fire extinguisher or improper use can cause bodily harm to those around you.

Done Right Hood & Fire Safety professionals are trained, certified and experienced in determining which units are the best for your business whether you’re in a high-rise office, automotive garage, electronics shop or a laboratory full of chemicals.

Rely on our authorized professionals to fit your business with the right fire protection equipment. We’ll even come by on a regular basis to make sure your fire extinguishers continue to work and are up to code. If not, we’ll refill the canisters or replace them with new ones so you are always protected.

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